Evidence Base FNP Update 1 (2019)

  1. EB1  Findon Community Profile_AiRS Nov 2013

  2. EB2  Findon Housing Needs Survey Report_AiRS Nov 2013

  3. EB3  David Hares Landscapes_Findon Landscape Character Assessment_2014_Part 1

  4. EB4  David Hares Landscapes_Findon Landscape Character Assessment_2014_Part 1

  5. EB5  SDNPA_SHLAA Map 2016_with UNP notes

  6. EB6  SDNPA_SHLAA and LCAs_with UNP notes

  7. EB7  SDNPA Settlement Context_with UNP Local Context

  8. EB8  SDNPA Historic Environment_with UNP Local Heritage

  9. EB9  Findon Cultural Heritage Narrative

  10. EB10  Findon Topography_with housing allocation sites shown

  11. EB11  SDNPA_Public Rights of Way Map

  12. EB12  Not used

  13. EB13  UNPWG_First UNP Flyer

  14. EB14  UNPWG_Stage 1 Landscape First Assessments_All Sites_Summary_Jun-Jul 2017

  15. EB15  UNPWG_Stage 2 Site Assessments_Consultation_Summary_Jul 2017

  16. EB16  UNPWG_Consultation Event Flyer_Aug 2017

  17. EB17  UNPWG_First Site Ranking Survey Form_Aug 2017

  18. EB18  Settlement Map showing all sites_land parcels_local facilities_bus routes

  19. EB19  UNPWG_Site Assessment Summary_following consultation event

  20. EB20  UNPWG_Stage 4_Housing Site Ranking Survey Results_Summary Sep 2017

  21. EB21  UNPWG_First Site Ranking Survey Results and Analysis_Sep 2017

  22. EB22  UNPWG_Second Site Ranking Survey Consultation_Dec 2017 

  23. EB23 UNPWG_Stage 5 Housing Site Ranking Survey Results_Jan 2018

  24. EB24 UNPWG_Second Site Ranking Survey Results and Report to Findon News

  25. EB25 UNPWG_Findon Local Landscape Characterisation

  26. EB26  LP Inspection Submission 4_Robustness of SDNPA LCAs for allocations LP

  27. EB27 Position Statement 1_FPC

  28. EB28 LP Position Statement 2_UNPWG

  29. EB29 Not used

  30. EB30 Not used

  31. EB31 UNPWG_Proposed Nepcote Conservation Area

  32. EB32 Findon Historic Maps

  33. EB33 UNDP Reg 14 Consultation_Representations_Redacted

  34. EB34 UNPWG_Response to Reg 14 Representations

  35. EB35 Findon Viewshed_Landscape Context_PART ONE

  36. EB36 Findon Viewshed_Landscape Context_PART TWO

  37. EB37 Findon Viewshed_Landscape Context_PART THREE

  38. EB38 Findon Viewshed_Landscape Context_PART FOUR

  39. EB39 Findon Viewshed_Landscape Context_PART FIVE

  40. EB40 Minutes of FPC Meeting resolving to proceed to UNP Reg15/Reg16

  41. EB41 New SDNP Local Plan_Inspectors report

  42. EB42 A short history of Findon and the racehorse

  43. EB43_Findon Racehorse Training Heritage Map

  44. EB44_Findon Racehorse Training Heritage Map_with impact of SD71_SD72 housing allocations

  45. EB45_Summary of Planning History_Soldiers Field Stables and House_SD72_1962_1999

  46. EB46_Findon News Update_August 2019

  47. Response to SDNPA Planning Committee 12th September 2019