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Have your say about Findon Village Hall


Unless you have already voted, your Village Hall needs your vote whether it’s “Yes” or “No”

Voting slips and ballot boxes are available for you to cast your vote at the Hall, the Village Shop, the Gun, the Village House or at Peckhams, the butcher

Alternatively, you can email us and don’t forget to tell us your name, your house name/number

and postcode, please.

  • Findon Parish Council are proposing to help the Hall complete its extension by securing a Public Works Loan.

  • The recent exercise to establish the views of the village was overwhelmingly positive but not enough votes were cast to make it valid! We need at least 70 more households to vote – don’t delay, have your say today.

  • The loan would add ~10p/week to the Precept for a Band D household at current interest rates in return the hall would be able to support two bookings at once.

  • The Village Hall is a resource for YOU a low cost venue for your clubs, your children’s parties, your entertainment and we are looking for new ways to meet the needs of those we don’t yet serve the extension will help.