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Volunteers required for Sheep Fair



Volunteers are urgently required to help out at this year's Findon Sheep Fair which takes place on Saturday 14th September.  Help is needed on the day as well as on the Friday for setting up and the Sunday for dismantling etc. If you can spare a couple of hours, please let us know via email at or just turn up on the day and offer your services. Thank you. 

Cone & Sign Placement.

As part of our traffic management, we place No Waiting cones, direction signs, barriers etc at various locations throughout the Village. We need a further 2 persons to assist in this task, either in the morning (05:50 09:00) or again to collect them (16:30 17:30), or both!! You will be working with others who have done this task before.

Marquee Setup.

The main marquee is used for differing activities over the 2 days. The Barn Dance on Friday evening, for Craft Stalls during Saturday & for another band on Saturday evening. Changing how the marquee is set up is done over a very short time period of 1-2 hours. This requires all hands to the pump to place tables and chairs, position a stage, position straw bales in preparation for the evening events and for the removal of all of this for the main day event. Can you help between 16:30 & 18:30 on Friday and Saturday for the “Get Ins” or 07:00 – 09:00 for the Saturday am “Get Out”. An experienced committee member leads and directs this task – we need a further 3 people to help.

Stall Holder Marshalls

The Craft Stall Holders arrive between the hours of 07:00 & 10:00. A team of Marshalls help to direct them to their allotted pitch so that they can offload and setup. The marshalls are provided with site plans and are directed by our committee member responsible for the Stall
booking. Walkie talkie radios are provided. This task is a contained one and enables the early birds to enjoy the Show throughout the rest of the day
we need 2 more persons.

Field Helpers

Throughout the day we have marshalls who simply walk the field acting as a point of contact for the public who may need assistance (e.g. directing to an attraction, finding the first aid tent, lost child). HiViz waistcoats and walkie talkies are provided. 3 hour shifts operate throughout the day from 10:00 until 18:00. The later shift assists in safely directing stall holder traffic off the Green after the show finishes. We need a further 2-3 people who will be in contact with the main Site Office and the Event officer.

Sunday Helpers

Sunday is clear up day where everything gets packed away into the Wattle House for another year. Barriers need to be collected up, road mats stacked, tables and chairs put away and the fields “walked” to ensure that no litter is left on landowners property. (our cleaning contractor does the bulk of this work, we simply do a further check). If you feel you can help any time between 09:00 & 13:00 we would gratefully welcome your assistance!

If you can assist with any of these tasks please contact: Lesley Chamberlain: or

Su Pearce:
Please indicate which task you would like to do, and at what time. Thank you!!