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The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Latest Update



I’m delighted to announce that in my fourth term as PCC, I will continue to run my Safer in Sussex Community Fund (SiSCF). Through my time in office, I have been able to provide over £2 million to hundreds of brilliant community groups who help to keep Sussex safe.

I have met dozens of dedicated people, both staff and volunteers, who commit their time to groups and programmes - helping individuals to overcome challenges, learn new skills and engage and advise more vulnerable communities on crime prevention.

SiSCF applications are open to any Sussex-based groups who help to reduce or prevent crime. I open the applications twice a year and grants of up to £5,000 are available to those who meet the criteria.

My upcoming round of SiSCF opens on Monday 20 May and I look forward to receiving applications from unique and specialist groups who go above and beyond helping to look after our neighbourhoods, teaching valuable and life-long skills.

If you know someone who runs a community group and would like to apply for funding, please do forward this newsletter to them, or send them my website link. The website includes information on how to apply, terms and conditions as well as additional information about the fund.

Throughout the year, I invite recipients of the fund to my office to connect with other community groups and speak about how the funding has benefitted their service and participants. These events are also a great opportunity for groups to network and have often led to groups working together on various projects.

You can watch a testimonial video about the SiSCF on my YouTube channel and hear from those who received funding.



Accountability and scrutiny



As Sussex residents, it is important that you have the opportunity to know how Sussex Police are performing and any plans they have for improvement. One of my key roles as PCC is to hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the public and make sure the Force deliver on their strategic priorities.

To do this in the most transparent and open way, I hold monthly Performance and Accountability Meetings that are webcast live to the public. Each month, I am joined by the Chief Constable and members of her senior team where we cover a variety of agenda points, discussing a wide range of crime types.

Many of the areas of performance that I scrutinise in the meeting have been suggested by members of the public who have written to me or requested information.

My most recent PAM took place earlier today where I asked the Chief Constable questions about how Sussex Police are responding to the national Race Action Plan as well as the number of investigations that have led to no further action and updates to public-facing CCTV cameras.

You can watch today’s PAM and previous webcasts by visiting my PAM website.



Katy Bourne OBE


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner