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Findon Parish Council will be at the Sheep Fair


Please come along to chat to your parish councillors and see if you would like to consider joining the Council.


Did you know that these Findon Parish Council (FPC) led/supported projects and activities were delivered during the last 10 years:

  • Supported and facilitated the purchase of the village defibrillators

  • Facilitated surveys re A24 bus stop suspensions

  • Traffic Environment & People (TEP) 20mph traffic calming and public realm


  • Transfer of Pond Green ownership from Arun District Council (ADC) to FPC

  • Secured Operation Watershed funding totalling in excess of £65k for drainage/flood

    prevention work in the Parish (ongoing)

  • Findon Neighbourhood Development Plan (FNDP) 2016-2035 (Amended February


  • Facilitated the purchase of the Findon Village Stores and Post Office

  • Implemented new General Data Protection Regulations compliant web site and


  • Support for the Sheep Fair and Findon Xmas lights (ongoing)

  • Remedial and restoration project for the Wattle House on Nepcote Green

  • Replacement of Nepcote Green fencing

  • 300+saplings being grown on for planting in the parish

  • Appointment of Findon Tree Warden, tree and hedge management

  • Grants to local organisations

  • Homewood play area regeneration in partnership with, and funded by, ADC and the

    South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA)

  • Speeding and Parking Working Group parish wide survey

  • Approval of a Public Works Loan to support the Village Hall extension project

  • Development of 3-5 Year Strategic Plan

  • Formation of Open Spaces Volunteers, Wild Flower Group, and Litter Clearance


  • Reduction of the A24 Findon speed limit from 50mph to 40mph

  • Findon Village to Findon Valley cycle path in partnership with West Sussex County

    Council and the SDNPA

  • Support for the reinstatement of a safe crossing of the A24 for SJTB Primary School

    pupils to Findon Church

  • Input into the new Nepcote Conservation Area approved by the SDNPA

  • Project to regenerate Nepcote Green Pond in partnership with the SDNPA (ongoing)

  • Development of a Community Resilience Plan (ongoing)

  • Consideration of SDNPA planning applications and other planning matters (ongoing)