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Reporting crime and anti-social behaviour


The Safer Arun Partnership has created a campaign to encourage members of the public to report incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour.  This campaign is in response to the community safety consultation at the end of 2023 where 82% of respondents stated that they had experienced crime or ASB, either personally or as a witness – yet 64% of those did not report the incident.  A number of reasons were identified as to why people did not report, including not knowing the best place to do so, thinking someone else would, and not thinking it was their business.  Not believing that anything would be done was also given as a response.  This campaign aims to provide members of the public with easy access to reporting channels and to improve confidence in reporting crime and ASB.  The need for incidents to be reported is vitally important in allowing agencies to know what is happening and to deploy resources appropriately.

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